Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Foodie wannabe

I feel like such a foodie. Two weekends ago we went to Borough Market, where I had wild boar sausages and sea salt caramel fudge and bought all those tomatoes. Then Sunday we went to Whole Foods for lunch and browsing. And yesterday I stopped by Gail's Bread and bought a yummy granary bloomer loaf instead of my usual grocery store wheat sandwich bread.

Sean bought me a book recently called 'How to be a Better Foodie'. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, but don't exactly follow all of the advice in it, hence I feel like a foodie wannabe. For example, I usually can't bring myself to pay 3 times the price for organic home grown veggies from the market when they're so much cheaper at the grocery store. However, I will say that to be the best foodie that your budget (and shopping time) will allow is a tip that I should be following. What I mean is, buy the best ingredients you can and your food usually tastes better. Also, despite what the higher prices might lead you to believe, organic, free range, blah, blah, blah is usually better, but not always. So do a taste test and decide for yourself!

To help you get started, I highly recommend the book mentioned above. For those of you in the states, you can get it from

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